Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tamiya Super Fighter G

I did the first test drive today after implementing the hot-ups to the Tamiya Super Fighter G. It was definitely worth the money. The oil shocks give a very good performance and the ball bearings not only make the car fast, the battery even lasts longer due to less friction. Maybe I’ll try the 19T gear later on to increase the top speed a little bit.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


So I’m about to finish the Tamiya Super Fighter G hot ups. In detail these are: Replacing the standard motor by the Carlson Fighter machine, replacing the standard shocks by oil shocks, replacing the standard bearings by ball-bearings.
I think this will significantly increase the performance. I’ll start the first test run at the weekend and give the results.

Friday, October 03, 2008


In 2 weeks a friend and myself will go out again, we’ll go for our next outdoor weekend. It is meant for testing our equipment to be prepared for the planned trip to JOTUNHEIMEN / Norway next year [find map below].

Größere Kartenansicht

Because one has to expect cold temperatures, wind and rain also during the summer period, good equipment is mandatory. Furthermore we have to learn how much food we’ll need.
The planned highlight of the tour will be the ascent to the 2,465m high GLITTERTIND. So it’s true, there is definitely some pleasant anticipation.
So that's the reason why I watched the film of our last weekend trip: