Sunday, July 31, 2011


That was a good piece of work. In terms of bringing all the required equipment together I worked on the following topics today:

- portion all the food, tea, power bars and isotonic drinks into day rations and packing them into separated zip bags
-  preparation of all the clothing
- check and preparation of all electronic equipment (GPS log, camera, flashlight, headlamp, batterie tank)
- check and preparation of the 'outer skin' such as outdoor jacket, rain trousers, boots and spats
- check of backpack and walking sticks
- preparation of the first aid kid

I guess we'll end up with 26 to 27 kg per person as start weight for the planned eight days. Fair enough.


It's just four days now until we'll start again. Going up to Norway and spend some time in Jotunheimen. I'm really looking forward to it. We'll be out for 8 days, just by our own, with tent and cooker. That's were things will be as they should: no network coverage, no credit card use, no internet. 
So, I'm just packing my stuff together, and as always I'm afraid that it'll be too much weight. I guess we still have to optimize a bit.

First thing I did this weekend was to clear up and sno-seal my boots. Cause they are the most important equipment to rely on.

Sno Sealing the boots

VISITING ERFURT always nice.

360 view / Dom Zitadelle