Monday, July 14, 2008


Though I don’t really have a weight problem I don’t like the idea of stuffing snacks and sweets into my body uncontrolled. This leads to the consumption of additional, unnecessary calories. That’s the reason why a friend and I invented a simple “diet plan”. It works like this: you’d get 3 so called smiley cards per week. Each of them could be exchanged against a piece of sweets or a snack (the amount should be fair: approx 80g of chocolate or a comparable amount of a snack). This means that you are allowed to eat these nice things 3 times per week. If you eat more, you’ll get one of the so called skull cards per piece. The reset is once per week. You’ll get 3 new smiley cards and the skull cards will be set to nill again. Then you have to decide on your personal scarify. For each of the skull cards you have to do something that hurts. We decided for additional waist workouts at the gym.
Of course the amounts and time frames are adaptable. We discovered that this habit works very well. At least you’d get an impression of the amount of “forbidden stuff” you eat.

If you’re interested in the template, I could send it to you. Simply leave me a comment.


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