Friday, December 03, 2010


There is no way to pass a Lego shop without checkin' it out - or even worse - buying more Lego stuff. But anyway, I needed to have Buzz Lightyear and bought the package that contained him: the pizza planet jeep. It's cool because it contains a pizza canon. If you pull at the rear it shoots pizza's from the front.

jeep - rear
driver's seat
jeep - rear
dino's seat
famous buzz lightyear


mymaki said...

voll toll die TOYs ;o) aber war keen woody dabei?

:: grüßchen von maki und leGO lingling ❻(@_@)❾

2SPINOUT said...

hihi, ich musste unbedingt den buzz lightyear haben! woody gibt's in den anderen sets, z.B. hier: .