Saturday, December 31, 2011


This post is a good example of how...

a) you do not necessarily lose comfort by choosing light gear
b) useless it was to carry all this stuff with me.

The picture below shows my Master Hunter knife I took with me on the recent trips. I love it, it's a good knife, but it's heavy. 260g! And to be honest: when in presence does one have to kill a bear? Most of the time you just have to open food packages, cut salami or do small repairs. So right now I switched to a baladé jackknife. It comes along with just 22 (TWENTYTWO) g. That's cool. As you can see the blade length is okay to cover all my requirements. No decreased comfort - but less than factor 10 of the weight. I'll sew a case for it, but in sum it won't be more than 40g.

Secondly I switched to the Mammut S-Lite Headlamp. It's weight is 48g. There are lighter ones out there. But I wanted to have the chance to use standard AA batteries and to have enough power to use it as emergency signaling light. It gives you 80hrs of light in the lowest power mode by just using 1xAA.

So my savings are:

  • knife: [260g > 40g] / 220g saved
  • headlamp: [76g > 48g] / 28g saved

With my recent achievements I saved 2.508g so far.

Switching from a big (260g) to a small (22g) knife

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