Sunday, January 15, 2012


The next one: the headlamp. We discovered that we did not very often had a real need to use a headlamp. It helps if you have to step out the tent during the night, and only once we really needed a light to secure our tent during a storm at night. Therefore some guys take a very minimalist lamp with them which of course does not weight much. But my requirement still is to carry a lamp with me that can be used for signaling in emergency cases. Therefore I'm not fine in stripping down the whole thing that much. Furthermore it should be able to give me at least a couple of hours of light. And as always: it shouldn't be too heavy.

After doing a bit of market research I ended up with the MAMMUT S-LITE headlamp. From my point of view it comes along with a couple of good features:

  1. It's cheap. It's about 20€, enough evidence that light trekking does not necessarily mean high pricing.
  2. It's weight is just 48g with battery, 22g without it.
  3. It uses 1x AA battery. I like using the rechargeable eneloop batteries.
  4. Flood light range: 18m
  5. Duration: 80hrs in flood-light low
  6. 3 flood light modes, 1 additional signal mode
So I replaced my current headlamp with it and I'm more than satisfied after testing it for a couple of weeks now. And the result is: another 26g saved!

Downsizing the headlamp

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